Why Magento

Magento is the CMS most widely used in the world to develop ecommerce websites: the 40% of online shops has been realized with this platform, thanks to the resources offered and the ease of the interface management.

magento hosting

Magento is intuitive, complete and professional and its multiple functions allow you to customize your ecommerce in a fast and flexible way. Thanks to specific features, including SEO optimization and advanced marketing tools, your virtual shop will be more competitive and performing. Magento also has functions that allow you to internationalize your offer, with the multilingual support and the real time currencies management, as well as the possibility of managing more ecommerce websites with a unique interface. It is a powerful and highly flexible tool, capable to grow up your business ensuring top level performance.

Hosting Magento optimized and dedicated solutions offered by CriticalCase have been created to take advantage of all the platform potential and make your store faster, more available and more secure. You will have a professional and totally integrated ecommerce with a few clicks, and you will manage it fully autonomously thanks to the many extensions and the ease of updates and changes management. We handle the infrastructure and its management to guarantee top performance for your website: you can relax and think only of your business, we’ll take care of the rest!


– What is the language of the pre-installed Magento?
The pre-installed Magento is available in Italian and English, according to the specific needs of each company.

– Is the solution scalable? Even from a shared hosting to a dedicated one?
All the Magento hosting solutions are highly scalable, in any moment you can change your plan easily and rapidly.

– How is the trial structured? How long is it? Is it possible to change from the trial plan to the final environment?
The trial last from 15 to 30 days, according to the requirements of the client. Once the trial has concluded, you can decide what plan to purchase and move on to the activation of the final solution in few steps.

– According to the number of unique visitors per day, what is the best plan for my Magento site?
Usually under 1.000 unique visitors per day it is recommended the use of optimized hosting solutions, over 1.000 daily visits would be ideal a dedicated Magento hosting. Our technical staff is always available for a free consulting and to guide you in the selection of the right solution for your ecommerce.

– Is the hosting only reserved for Magento sites or can I add another traditional website?
It is possible to integrate a Magento platform with another site without any problem, because our hosting solutions are compatible also with traditional websites.

– What is the backup frequency?
We offer daily backup with 7 days of retention.

– Do you install the SSL certificate? What is its price?
Yes, the SSL certificate is included in dedicated hosting plans, while for the optimized hosting solutions is provided for an additional cost of 50€ per year, inclusive of the installation.

– Is it possible to buy only the hosting solution (with no domain) and to point the domain managed by third party on your infrastructure?
Yes, it is possible to buy only the hosting solution.
Yes, it is possible to point the domain on our infrastructure.

– Do you handle also the website management?
The service offered is a hosting solution, so we don’t handle the interface management, but we take care exclusively of things related to the infrastructure and its management. We can advise you our partner who collaborate with us for many years, who deal with the development and management of ecommerce websites.

– Do you manage migration from a different CMS?
We don’t manage directly the migration from a different CMS but we can advise you some partners who handle this aspect and are very competent in the field.

magento hosting


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